Samo'nun, Sofistikal etiketiyle yayınlanan "PapaRose" isimli tekli çalışması, video klibiyle ve şarkı sözüyle netd müzik'te. Hemen dinle! Söz: Samo Müzik: Segah Mix & Mastering: Can Paşa Yönetmen: Monoman "PapaRose" şarkı sözleri ile No ones love me I hate crack feel simo call me This track shot cool batter own him Your girl wanna talk my dick team Talk much We cant hear you Ugly boy voice like a bird you Siktir lan take my picture When you forget look at my future, mature Trash ya mouth Killa fuck ya Be rush na fly better nigga hu? Cashless Ashly young wanna high? Start it fuckin music please it up Cristian trash me up Feel it be run weedistik man Kiss it Kuran Future tha man Motherfucker white boy Kill hit em up Right thats allright Run for keep this fuckin’ life Much more person setting fight Search by find in the night Forget on your mind My gang with me allday every night Smoke smoke smoke Smile front your secret cop. 18X Paparose Pain power money Im a motherfucker winner Get will done Like a suicide killer We done bustet baby Fuck off rise my binner Cash money ghetto Take this life ya faller Whats happen? Whats headmen? Really murfe j on fall right table Get my sitdown red fellin in Damn my soul like weed roof hell n Yen Damn fuck million cool belly in Dumb boy Simo true hard fellin in Crack in my head now high perriod High time right now fuck belly in Sir tellin us Music is my life up free bass Bitchez is aint shit bad any us Im a bad boy know me keych better us Quietly take one gun Who is back flip shot on done Thats my gang way no rule law Simo arap mosque ghetto man Trust on me fight like a gangsta True on been go like a best star Honey on free bitchez fuck paper Smoke is my life bro Im bad star 18X Paparose


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